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GIA Certified Diamonds

When looking for an engagement ring, you want something beautiful and timeless to represent your undying love for your partner. Diamonds have become known as one of the most beautiful and valuable minerals in the world.

When shopping for diamond jewelry, you may come across the term “GIA-certified diamond.” Understanding what it means will help you understand the value and quality of various diamonds, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. At Simon Ardem, we can provide you with all of the information you require to assist you in selecting a piece that will meet your needs and desires. Here’s everything you need to know about GIA diamonds and their significance.

What Is The GIA?

The Gemological Institute of America is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1931 to conduct research and educate people about gemstones and gemstone jewelry. It is the world’s leading authority on diamonds, pearls, and colored stones, serving as a source of information and setting standards in the gem and jewelry industries.

The organization conducts research, educates professionals, and establishes standards to determine the four C’s of gem quality. It created some of the best jewelry tools and innovations, such as the diamond grading process and the gemological microscope. The GIA grades diamonds based on quality standards and scientific procedures. Because the GIA is the gold standard for diamond grading around the world, GIA diamonds are among the best and most valuable on the market.

What Is A GIA-Certified Diamond?

In the jewelry industry, the term “GIA certified” refers to diamonds that have gone through the GIA grading and evaluation processes. However, it is technically incorrect because the GIA only grades diamonds and does not certify or appraise them. The organization is free of any commercial interest in buying, selling, or even pricing the gemstone. It enables it to make an objective and unbiased assessment of the quality of a diamond.

In addition, the GIA ensures objectivity during the grading process by concealing all references to the owner, preserving the diamond’s anonymity. Once your diamond has been graded, no certification is issued. Instead, after the gemstone has been evaluated, you will receive a diamond grading report outlining its qualities and characteristics.


How Do You Determine Diamond Quality?

The Gemological Institute of America established industry grading criteria based on four elements, also known as the 4Cs. They are used in every gemological lab, making them the global standard for judging and evaluating the quality of a diamond.

To ensure that diamond quality assessments are consistent across the board, the authority developed grading systems and terminologies for each of the 4Cs. Before obtaining GIA certification, diamonds are subjected to a rigorous examination based on the 4Cs. The 4Cs are as follows:

When diamonds are mined deep beneath the earth’s surface, they frequently have inclusions or blemishes. The presence of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond is measured by its clarity. The clarity scale has 11 grades, beginning with “included,” which refers to diamonds with the most visible inclusions under magnification. The scale concludes with flawless diamonds, which are free of blemishes and inclusions.

The industry standard color scale for grading diamonds runs from D to Z, ranging from colorless to light yellow or brown. The process of comparing diamonds to other stones under controlled lighting and stable viewing conditions is known as color grading.

The cut’s quality is the most important factor in determining sparkle, brilliance, and beauty. The round brilliant cut diamond grading system is based on seven factors: brightness, fire, scintillation, symmetry, polish, weight ratio, and durability. The first three components are concerned with the appearance of the diamond, while the remaining four are concerned with its craftsmanship and design. The cut grade ranges from excellent to poor, and it represents a wide range of face-up appearances and proportion sets.

A carat is a unit of measurement for GIA diamonds and other gemstones that equals about 0.2 grams. Carat weight can affect the quality and value of a diamond depending on the other 4Cs.

At Simon Ardem, we have a wide selection of GIA-certified diamond engagement rings and other jewelry. Ardem Aslanian, the company’s founder, is a GIA Graduate in Diamonds, making him an expert in the design and manufacture of diamond jewelry. We maintain high levels of authenticity and uniqueness in each piece, ensuring that we meet your needs.

Are All Diamonds GIA Certified?

Diamonds that have been GIA-certified have become a common commodity in the marketplace and jewelry stores across the country. GIA diamonds are trusted due to the organization’s reputation for providing accurate and independent grading services. It is important to note that not all diamonds are GIA certified, so keep an eye out.

You can determine whether a diamond has been GIA graded by requesting its grading report. The GIA diamond grading report includes a unique number that can be used to access the global report database and validate the GIA-graded diamond. The unique number may also be inscribed on the diamond’s girdle.

A GIA grading report is a document that details the findings of a thorough examination of your diamond. It provides critical information about your diamond based on the grading results. A diamond report is issued by the GIA after it has been objectively graded using the most advanced procedures and tools guided by the institute’s ongoing scientific research.

A GIA report will inform you of a stone’s quality characteristics as well as all of its grading details, ensuring that your diamond is natural. You can compare one GIA diamond to another to find the best quality loose diamonds for you. Reports are also used by insurance companies to provide a foundation for insuring diamonds. Aside from the 4Cs, GIA diamond grading reports include additional information such as:

  1. Shape and cutting style.
  2. Measurements.
  3. Polish.
  4. Symmetry.
  5. Fluorescence.
  6. Proportions.
  7. Laser inscriptions.
  8. Report number.


Authenticity is one of our core values at Simon Ardem, so you can rest assured that all our pieces have a GIA diamond grading report.

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Shopping for an engagement ring can be costly, so make sure that what you buy is of high quality and worth every penny. At Simon Ardem, we offer our customers the jewelry they want without charging exorbitant prices. We strive to please our customers by offering high-quality jewelry at reasonable prices.

We have a large selection of GIA-certified diamonds in stock that you can use to commemorate your special occasion. People often assume that GIA diamonds cost more than others, a false notion that prevents them from making purchases.

A GIA diamond’s value is determined by its quality, and you can get one at Simon Ardem for a reasonable price. To schedule an appointment, please email us at or call us at (212) 398-7160.